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Section 37

Through the Planning Act, municipalities may collect cash or other contributions in return for an increase in density or building height.

MPR provides appraisals for the purpose of determining the increase in market value (if any) resulting from such an increase. We have also have completed studies on behalf of municipalities for the purpose of establishing city-wide fixed-rate charges for Section 37.

Empowering Municipalities Through the Planning Act

Encompassed within the framework of the Planning Act, Sections 37 represent a pivotal mechanism for municipalities to optimize development while ensuring a harmonious integration into the existing urban fabric.

This provision grants municipalities the authority to negotiate cash contributions or other valuable benefits in exchange for concessions on density or building height. At MPR Advisors Inc., we specialize in providing precise appraisals, instrumental in assessing the resultant increase in market value stemming from such accommodations.

Adapting to a Shifting Landscape

Since 2021, the landscape of community benefits has witnessed transformative changes, catalyzed by the introduction of a new community benefit bylaw.

Elevating Municipal Decision-Making

Our expertise extends beyond appraisals. We have a proven track record of conducting comprehensive studies on behalf of municipalities, with the express purpose of establishing city-wide fixed-rate charges for Section 37. This forward-thinking approach not only bolsters fiscal responsibility but also fosters an environment of transparency and equitable development practices.