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Cash-in-Lieu of Parkland (Section 42)

In the realm of urban planning, Section 42 of the Planning Act stands as a vital tool for municipalities facing the challenge of determining the fate of lands deemed unsuitable for park use.

This provision empowers Councils to opt for Cash-In-Lieu (CIL) in lieu of parkland dedication, an amount equivalent to the land’s value that would have been otherwise been conveyed. The funds garnered through CIL are earmarked and reserved for the explicit purpose of parkland acquisition or development, ensuring that communities continue to thrive and enjoy accessible green spaces.

MPR's Expertise and Purpose of Valuation

At MPR Advisors Inc., we stand as industry leaders in appraising development land for Cash-In-Lieu of Parkland determinations, meticulously representing the interests of both developers and municipalities. Our appraisals have not only stood the test of scrutiny but have also been relied upon as evidence in Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) hearings.

What sets us apart is our rare combination of planning and appraisal expertise, affording us a unique vantage point for such assessments. Additionally, we have undertaken comprehensive studies on behalf of municipalities, aiding in the establishment of city-wide fixed-rate charges for Cash-In-Lieu of parkland, further demonstrating our commitment to shaping thriving, green communities.