Alex Pitt, B.A. (HONS) MA, AIC Candidate Member

Alex Pitt, B.A. (HONS) MA, AIC Candidate Member

Alex Pitt, B.A. (HONS) MA, AIC Candidate Member

Senior Analyst

Alex is a Candidate Member of the Appraisal Institute of Canada. He received an undergraduate degree in History (Honours) from Bishop’s University and a graduate degree in Public History (Coop in Heritage Preservation) from Western University.

Alex has over six years experience in real estate consulting, including experience in appraisal and negotiation. His work in appraisal has focused on assisting in the preparation of appraisal reports for expert witness testimony and expropriation matters. As a negotiator, Alex specialized in land acquisition for a major Canadian pipeline company in the GTA. Alex has also worked as a Case Coordinator for the Environment and Land Tribunals of Ontario (Ontario Municipal Board, Conservation Review Board and Board of Negotiation).


BA (Hon)Bachelor of History Bishop’s University, Quebec

MAMaster of Public History Western University, Ontario

DULEDiploma in Urban Land Economics (ongoing) University of British Columbia

Prior Experience

2019-Current Senior Analyst MPR Advisors Inc Planning & Appraisal
2016-2019 Analyst gsi Real Estate & Planning Advisors Inc.
2014-2016 Negotiator CanACRE, Land Services Company
2013-2014 Junior Analyst gsi Real Estate & Planning Advisors Inc.
2012-2013 Research Analyst The Marsh Report
2008-2011 Case Coordinator Environmental and Land Tribunals Ontario (Ontario Municipal Board, Board of Negotiation)

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